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12. Forever Stack Stainless Steel RV Generator Exhaust Venting System

SKU: TEKFOST $1,199.00
Stainless Steel FOREVER STACK RV generator exhaust stack

Diverts nasty fumes away from the ground and above the roofline, so they won't be inhaled by neighboring RVers

Installs easily and disconnects quickly

Weighs only 10 lbs

Reduces generator noise

Stainless generator exhaust pipe adapters included

All installation hardware included:
1. 45in. x 3in. Tube Extension (2)
2. 1-5/8in. x 3in. 90'Diffuser (1)
3. Clamp & Cable Assembly (1)
4. 5/16in. socket head bolt w/ locknut (1)
5. Eye Straps (2)
6. Phillips head mounting srews (4)
7. Seal Clamp (1)
8. Quick release pin (1)
9. 1-1/2in. adapter (1)
10. 1-5/8in. adapter (1)
11. 1-3/4in. adapter (1)
12. 2in adapter (1)
13. Warning Sticker (1)

* This kit overall length is 9 feet. Extensions are available

All components are made of high grade 300 series stainless steel for durability, longevity, and main components are all polished for appearance

Lifetime Rust Free Guarantee