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Freedom SW Xanbus Automatic Generator Start

SKU: 809-0915 $207.00
The Xanbus Automatic Generator Start (AGS) is a control module that automatically activate a generator to provide Freedom SW Inverter/Charger* with power to recharge depleted batteries or assist with heavy loads. Having an AGS in your system means that power is available and battery banks are charged automatically so you do not have to spend time monitoring power consumption.

The AGS can be customized to suit each user’s preferences. A user can define whether the generator should be activated by low battery voltage, battery state of charge, thermostat operation, or load size on the inverter. A Quiet Time setting prevents the generator from starting at inconvenient times like nightfall. LED lights display the status of the AGS, while all user defined settings are programmed through the Xanbus System Control Panel (SCP).

The AGS is configured and controlled by the Xanbus System Control Panel (SCP). The SCP provides you with comprehensive control of your AGS through a user friendly interface that is easy to understand and operate.

Product Features
External input signal for emergency shutdown option
Quiet time periods can be set to avoid inappropriate generator operation
Dual thermostat input available to control up-to two air conditioners
Activated by battery voltage, state of charge or inverter load current
Compatible with most popular generators