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Eliminate - 6 Gallons

SKU: 2201 $152.00
Safe to aluminum and steel
Exceptional dispersing and cleaning performance
Completely biodegradable
Does not contain any restricted ingredients
Safe to internal pump systems and all working parts

The success of a lavatory program is solely based on its' effective ability to control odor detection. Not only is lav odor one of the most repeated and offensive complaints from an RV owner and passengers, but the hardest oversight to explain away.

"Quality with service and reliability equate to Economy" certainly holds true for lavatory deodorants."

From the Recreational Vehicle industry standpoint, one must formulate an effective lavatory deodorant incorporating frame corrosion standards, safety health concerns and environmental protection policies. The success of Nuvites' lavatory programs were developed over years of experience through the coupling of client specification, regulatory compliance and economic factors.
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